Top 5 Infamous Money Heists in History

DDerek September 22, 2023 7:02 AM

In the annals of crime, certain heists stand out for their audacity, execution, and sheer scale. These are stories filled with daring, intrigue, and often, massive amounts of money. Here, we delve into the details of the top 5 infamous money heists in history, where the audaciousness of the criminals was only matched by the scale of their loot.

1. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist

In 1990, two men dressed as police officers walked into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and walked out 81 minutes later with 13 pieces of artwork valued at half a billion dollars. Despite a hefty reward and decades of investigation, none of the stolen pieces have been recovered, making this the biggest art theft in world history.

2. The Banco Central Heist

The Banco Central Heist in 2005 is considered one of the world's biggest and most audacious bank burglaries. A gang of thieves spent three months digging a tunnel from a rented house to the Banco Central in Fortaleza, Brazil. They made off with $70 million, and though several members of the gang were later caught, the bulk of the stolen money was never recovered.

3. The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery in 1963 was a heist in Buckinghamshire, England, where a gang of 15 robbers intercepted and robbed a Royal Mail train, making off with £2.6 million. The audacity of the heist and the fact that most of the robbers were eventually caught made this a landmark case in British crime history.

4. The Antwerp Diamond Heist

In 2003, the Antwerp Diamond Heist saw a group of Italian thieves, led by Leonardo Notarbartolo, break into the Antwerp Diamond Center's vault and make off with over $100 million worth of diamonds, gold, and other gems. Despite meticulous planning, Notarbartolo was caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but the majority of the diamonds were never found.

5. The Harry Winston Heist

In one of the most audacious heists in history, four men, three of them dressed as women, walked into the luxury Paris jewelry store Harry Winston in 2008. In less than an hour, they had left with $108 million worth of diamonds and other precious stones. The heist was so well executed that it took investigators nearly two years to apprehend the criminals.

Heist Year Amount Stolen
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist 1990 $500 million
The Banco Central Heist 2005 $70 million
The Great Train Robbery 1963 £2.6 million
The Antwerp Diamond Heist 2003 $100 million
The Harry Winston Heist 2008 $108 million

These heists, notorious yet fascinating, serve as a stark reminder of what people are capable of when driven by greed and audacity. However, they also shed light on the relentless pursuit of justice, as in most of these cases, the criminals were eventually apprehended. But the allure of these infamous heists persists, marking them as some of the most momentous in history.

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