Top 3 Investment Gurus of the Century

NNatalie November 8, 2023 7:02 AM

When it comes to investment and finance, few people have left as significant a mark as the top gurus of the century. These individuals have outsmarted the market, amassed vast fortunes, and in the process, bestowed invaluable wisdom to generations of investors.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet, also known as the 'Oracle of Omaha,' is undoubtedly one of the most successful investors in history. He's praised not only for his investment prowess but also for his simple, yet effective, investment strategies.

Buffet is a strong advocate of value investing. He buys stocks that appear undervalued by the market, holds onto them for a long time, and maintains a diversified portfolio. Buffet's advice to investors: "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."

Here are some key figures about Warren Buffet:

Net Worth Investment Style Notable Investments
$100.6 billion Value Investing Coca-Cola, Apple, Bank of America

Peter Lynch

Next on the list is Peter Lynch, renowned for his management of the Fidelity Magellan Fund from 1977 to 1990, during which the fund's assets grew from $18 million to $14 billion.

Lynch is known for his 'invest in what you know' strategy. He firmly believes that ordinary people could become expert investors by simply investing in industries they are familiar with or enthusiastic about.

Take a look at some of Lynch's career highlights:

Tenure Annual Return Notable Investments
1977-1990 29.2% Taco Bell, Volvo, Dunkin' Donuts

George Soros

George Soros, often referred to as 'The Man Who Broke the Bank of England,' rounds up our top 3 investment gurus. Soros is famous for his bet against the British pound in 1992, which netted him a profit of $1 billion in a single day.

Soros practices a speculative investment style, often making large bets on macroeconomic trends. His advice to investors: "Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux, and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected."

Here are some of Soros' key facts:

Net Worth Investment Style Notable Trades
$8.6 billion Speculative Investing British Pound, Quantum Fund

These are the top 3 investment gurus of the century, each with their unique strategies and insights. The lessons they offer are priceless, and their impact on the investment industry cannot be understated.

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