Best financial podcasts to tune into in 2023

NNatalie August 20, 2023 6:51 PM

Staying informed about the ever-evolving world of finance can be challenging. Thanks to podcasts, however, you can easily keep up-to-date with the latest trends and insights. Here is a list of the best financial podcasts to tune into in 2023.

Top financial podcasts for beginners

If you're just starting your journey into the finance world, these podcasts can provide you with the foundational knowledge you need.

  1. The Dave Ramsey Show

    This show, hosted by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey, offers a wealth of advice on debt management, retirement planning, and budgeting.

  2. Planet Money

    NPR's Planet Money provides clear, concise explanations of complex economic concepts, making it an ideal listen for finance novices.

Best podcasts for finance enthusiasts

For those with a deep interest in finance, these podcasts dive into detailed discussions and analyses.

  1. The Motley Fool Money

    This weekly show provides a fun and informative take on the most important business and investing stories of the week.

  2. Marketplace

    Marketplace delves into the intricacies of the global economy, discussing everything from big businesses to personal finance.

Best podcasts to learn investing

Learning how to invest wisely is a key aspect of personal finance. These podcasts can help you gain an understanding of various investment strategies and philosophies.

  1. InvestED

    Hosted by Danielle and Phil Town, InvestED explores the principles of value investing in an accessible and engaging manner.

  2. The Investors Podcast

    This podcast offers in-depth interviews with renowned investing experts, providing valuable insights to listeners.

Top podcasts for financial independence

If your goal is to achieve financial independence, consider tuning into these podcasts.

  1. ChooseFI

    ChooseFI provides a roadmap to financial independence, exploring topics like budgeting, investing, and retiring early.

  2. Financial Independence Podcast

    This podcast focuses on strategies for achieving financial independence and retiring early, as well as interviews with people who have successfully done so.

These are just a few of the countless financial podcasts available. Whether you're a finance novice or a seasoned expert, there's a podcast out there that can provide the insights and knowledge you're seeking.

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